Sky Mantis

Rapid Response

Deployment Medium Size

Multi Rotor Surveillance

Special Mission UAV

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Evolve Dynamics are an engineering company specializing in UAV aircraft, systems and software based in the United Kingdom. We provide best in class mission specific surveillance, and special purpose aircraft for public sector services, private security and defense.

Sky Mantis Key Features

7.3Kg all up weigh

1 hour true flight time (in-air / on-mission time)

50 Mph capable (reduced flight time)

Dual on board camera options

X30 optical zoom HD 1080p RGB camera

640×512 high resolution thermal / IR option

HD live video streaming option

5-10 Km video streaming range option

225° viewing angle

90° “straight up”, 90° “straight down” view

20cm x 40cm x 13cm folded

Rapid battery swap (under 20 seconds)

Under 30 seconds from bag-to-air

Rugged carry back pack


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